Fractured Horizon

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This sci-fi adventure was a finalist for a 2009 Parsec Award in the Best Speculative Fiction Story (novel) category, making it arguably one of the top 5 podcast novels of 2009.

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Fractured Horizon by H.E. Roulo

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Overview of the Novel:

Katherine Downs sets off to find her mysterious father—and awakens hundreds of years later into a world guided by visionary Royals.  But Kay inadvertently blinds their power. As the only person who can bring unpredictable change, her very existence brings instability.

Hunted, she joins the rebel Adams, bioengineered warriors who rely on banned technology for a precarious foothold on the fading world.  Will they destroy Kay for being only human, or will revelations about her own unnatural origins cause Kay to help them in their ongoing war?

She soon sees how the events of the past shaped this distorted future.

Greeted by a high-tech horde, courted by visionary royalty, and always steps away from her goals, Kay must master her own abilities before humanity is destroyed on Earth and the colonies in space.

Envision a world ready to collapse– and then watch it tip over the edge.

6 thoughts on “Fractured Horizon

  1. I am half way through and am enjoying this book immensely. Each episode I get more and more involved with characters. Excellent job Rulo look forward to more of your great work.

  2. I found Fractured Horizon on It was a pleasure to listen to; several strong characters, driving narrative, plot surprises to amuse and goad the reader. To me, the lead character Kay remained enigmatic through all the twists and turns of her development, while the characters and situations around her were resolved. I loved this aspect of the story. Kay was the swirling centre that just would not be pinned down. And isn’t that the whole point of Kay? This being so, the epilogue just topped it all.

    I always leave a story that I enjoy wanting more, whether in print, audio or film. And that is the way it should be. Then, as so often happens, ‘more’ is when you finally get it ‘less’. So I hesitate to ask … is there any more of Katherine Downs?

  3. I have listen to several dozen podiobooks and audiobooks. Fractured Horizon is a fantastic story and you did fantastic job reading it! The arc of the story was sublime and you did not leave any loose ends along the way. I especially enjoyed your reading of the book. The voices (Hector was my favorite) were great and only added to the story. I am now a fan Ms. Roulo.


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