The Bioengineered Adams

IM8The novel Fractured Horizon has a large number of characters within the book.  This list of players is updated through Episode 9.

Created by the greatest minds, the Adams rose to startling power but became hated terrorists in a world that rejects them.

See the Extended Adam History.


The Adams exist within a framework of Strategists, Engineers, and Warriors.


  • Deimos- Evolver. Built compact, he speaks tight lipped and dislikes humanity. He is often seen with his Warrior ally, Aggie.
  • Dionysus- Evolver.  Goes on supply mission with Kay.
  • Keats- Thin adolescent saved by his hero Ward and brought back rock.  Smaller than a typical Adam.
  • Lunos- Curly haired leader of the Benefactors. Fehdefreund with Aggie from pre-Terrible Times. In a relationship with Penelope. Genuinely hopes to bring Adams and humanity together.
  • Talos- Bronze skinned, sharp nosed Benefactor who believes in Nobles Oblige.  Kay’s Strategy Sponsor.


  • Boyle- Bald, focused Engineer. Kay’s Engineering Sponsor. Prefers flying above all else.


  • Aggie- Scarred.  Evolver with grudge from the Terrible Times.  Diemos’ sponsorship tree.
  • Hector- The first Adam that Kay meets, this warrior is humorous, puppy-like & absurd.  Benefactor. 5th incarnation. Talos’ sponsorship tree.
  • Hestor-  Black with white birthmark. Dionsysus’ sponsorship tree.
  • Penelope- Fierce, braided & large.  Secret Benefactor. Lunos’ sponsorship tree.

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