Glossary for Fractured Horizon

The novel Fractured Horizon uses some unique terms and titles throughout the book. Here is a quick reference.

Glossary of Terms

  • Adam Premiere- The first and most powerful of the Adams. His rise to power brought Adams to the forefront as mankind’s salvation, but his public death signaled an end to this golden time.
  • Amplifier- Crown of metal that amplifies both Senders and Receivers.
  • Benefactors- An Adam sect that seeks to reunite with humans.
  • Chosen of Divine- Kay’s name among the Snakes.
  • Evolvers- An Adam sect that believes in Adam superiority over humans.
  • Fehdefreund- Slang that can be roughly translated as ‘feud friends’, it is the strictly held Adam convention that a deadly battle ends a conflict, and the participants can never fight again.
  • “Is the battle won?”- Traditional Adam offering to end a sparring match.
  • Locus- Among the Royals, this is the title and purpose of their leader, His Majesty Orlando Lasting.
  • Nauru- The island where Adams and Snakes were sent during the terrible times. It has a fascinating true history. Even more compelling is This American Life’s coverage:
  • One Who Sees/Holy Mother/First Mother- TBD
  • Persuasion- The Adam ability to move physical items and, among sensitive humans, to even force their wills.
  • Purple Goo- Bio enhancement fluid. Life blood of Adam replication & interface between biological and artificial. Used in highest level of technology prior to the Terrible Times.
  • Receiver- The opposite of a “Sender”, a psychic Receiver is a clairvoyant who can see future possibilities. This ability originated with Devon and has been passed down to the Royals of Onna and Snakes of Jackal City.
  • Sponsor- An Adam social convention that replaces family. A sponsor prepares a newborn Adam in their field (Engineering, Warrior, or Strategist).
  • Snakes- 2 dozen Receivers in Jackal City, led by Cinder.
  • Sensitives- Anyone who has the Receiver ability (Snakes and Royals), as well as some standard humans.
  • Terrible Times- When Adams & Jackals were interred.
  • Tree of Sponsorship- An Adam hierarchy that brings together Engineers and Warriors under particular Strategists. This determines their loyalties.
  • Worms- Non-sensitive Snakes. Usually family members, including children who haven’t developed powers yet.

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