New From H.E. Roulo – Plague Master: Rebel Infection

H.E. Roulo and Press proudly present: Plague Master: Rebel Infection The dramatic sequel to Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome, and second book in the Plague Master Series, is now available. Enter the World of PLAGUE MASTER: REBEL INFECTION Trevor’s return from the zombie infection makes him unique. It also makes him dangerous. He’s a hero on his homeworld, […]

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New Publishing Deal – Plague Master through Press

I’m pleased to announce that my sci-fi/zombie Plague Master series will be released through Press. A new edition of the first book, Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome is available on The content is completely unchanged, though the book is a more squat and fat than the old print version. HorrorAddicts is excited about my books, […]

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Sparklyjemz Corner: Trevor’s Father

SparklyJemz Avatar looking at a rainbow

Hi! This is Sparklyjemz, the teenage writer, and I’m posting about the characters in Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome. I’ve been making SIMS characters with my interpretations of the characters. don’t forget to cheack the bottom of his picture to see my favorite quote!   We don’t get to see much of Trevor’s dad, um… what was his name?  I had no […]

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