Fractured Horizon Extras & Bonus Info

IM8The audio broadcast of Fractured Horizon sometimes requires that information be abridged or cut.  Not every listener wants a full description and it is much harder to skim audio than the written format.

For those of you looking for a little more texture, a little more background, or just curious to know what got left out, I’ve added a few tidbits.  Be warned, I’ll try to indicate whether these correspond with particular Episodes.  If you look ahead, you may spoil certain revelations.

  • Riven Space– When the rift is discovered, it sets in motion plans for David and Cabel’s defensive trip through time.  See events leading up to their call to action. (8 pages long. Also downloadable as a .pdf.)
  • Helen Downs Time Capsule Journal– Helen left a time capsule for her daughter, Kay. Learn the story of her meeting with Cabel, see where Kay gets her idealistic idea of love, and discover clues about future events. Seven pages. (Suggest listening after Episode 5. No spoilers. Download the 9 page .pdf)
  • Characters —
    • Volume 1: Adams, Snakes & Worms, 21st Century Players
    • Volume 2: Royals and Townspeople.
  • Glossary– A list of the terms used throughout the book.

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