Q: What is a podcast? Is it free?  What am I committing myself to if I subscribe?
A: A podcasts is a method for distributing digital media files over the internet for playback on the computer or over personal media players.
Downloads and subscriptions are completely free and entirely at your discretion.  Feel free to listen to it and pass it around. I just want people to hear and enjoy what I’ve put so much effort into.

Q: Loved it! Will there be a sequel?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you plan to publish Fractured Horizon?
A: I am not certain at this time.

Q: I have ideas, artwork, and comments I’d like to make.  Do you care?
A: I do.  Please email me.  I would love to know you’re out there and to hear what’s going on.

Q: Do you do your own podcasts?
A: I record and edit my own podcasts.  I’m constantly refining my recording methods.  I currently use the free program Audacity to record and edit my audio.

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