April Scoop On All Things H.E. Roulo

Podioracket Presents-Visionaries

My short story, Undergrowth, will be released on Podioracket Presents-Visionaries as story #15 in the anthology. The final story, #16, will be a new piece by Phil Rossi. Then the anthology is complete! Check it out at www.podiobooks.com if you want to hear short stories by Podiobooks.com authors.

I’m announcing it here first– there will be a live Blog Talk Radio show for the last 8 authors in the anthology and we’ll be offering book give-aways to promote the show and running a contest to get more comments on the stories. The show will air, LIVE, on Thursday, May 27th at 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern. More details will be available on Podioracket.com in the coming weeks. I will also be talking with Brian Holtz about whether we want to announce a new anthology.


I am planning to attend Baycon at the end of May. I will be joining Emerian Rich, the host of Horror Addicts. There will be a Podioracket table for us to offer materials from the various Podiobooks.com authors. Let me know if you will be there!

Fractured Horizon the novel

I heard back from Dragon Moon Press, and the book Fractured Horizon has not been picked up. They suggested changes, such as making the love story more prominent. I will consider it. I like the revised version that I sent them (I had to edit it down to 120,000 words) but I will likely not release a new audio version here or on Podiobooks.com.

None of the changes I made should affect the sequel.

Projects for Others

Working creatively for other people adds to the complexity of every project. Unfortunately, since this is a side business for most of us, it means that life gets even more in the way.

I have inquired about the script that I wrote for Necropolis Studio Production’s Omega Road Chronicles, but I haven’t heard back. I’ll let you know more once I hear. I believe that all the voices were recorded according to my script. I’m sure the story will be released eventually. It is too good to let die.

The short story that I wrote for The Tales of the Children also has taken a back burner following the live reading. I am not sure whether P.G. Holyfield plans to release an edited audio version in the future. I know he is very busy with the print release of his book, coming in May.

Coming up?

HorrorAddicts.net has had a theme this season of old-school style monsters. I will be writing a story about Death for release in June.

I will also be hosting the Wicked Women Writer’s challenge this year. We’re hashing out the details now. And I’ll shamelessly plug myself by mentioning that last year’s winning story high in the running for Best in Blood, which is awarded to the story that gets the most downloads for the year. If you haven’t listened to it, help me out and download Graveyard Shift & Reshift.

I have a humorous sci-fi piece I am submitting to magazines. It is about a man who born to a small colony who is mistakenly given the dedicated career of pirate– in a world without open water or crime. That’s A Pirate Stranded in Paradise.

I also have a sci-fi/horror piece called Shadow Plagued about a planet where underdwellers come out when darkness falls. An alien species strategically creates an unexpected eclipse that sends the planet into shadow, leaving the people to fight enemies from above and below. Strange alliances, games of strategy, and one historic sacrifice may bring mankind back from the brink of extinction.

Sound interesting?

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  1. I am glad to hear that you are still working on Fractured Horizons and a sequel. I, for one, still want a physical copy to share and show off.

  2. I know you probably have a lot on your to do list but how far are you from releasing the sequel to fractured horizon. I’m about to finish listening to the original for the second time and can’t wait to find out what screw-up she has to try to fix.

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