I Wrote it First: When Science Fiction Comes True

One of the fun things about being a science-fiction writer is speculating about the near and distant future.

My mother asked me whether I’d written a scene in Fractured Horizon before or after the recent spate of publicity for Felix Baumgarner’s space jump. (Note: I know this links to a Red Bull site. Sorry, but they have the footage if you want to see it. I get no money, I’m just offering the link if you’re curious and somehow missed out on the media blitzkrieg.)

The free serialized audio podcast of Fractured Horizon has reached over 275,000 downloads since I released it way back in 2009. It’s safe to say that I wasn’t attracted to the hip trendiness of a space jump. I needed a truly extreme sport, and this was perfect.

My fictionalized account happens in Episode 11:

Fractured Horizon- Ep 11

The Royals’ ability to predict the future let them take incredible risks with complete confidence, but with Kay their sport essentially goes from the safety of a mall rock-climbing wall to scaling K2. Then Orlando takes it way beyond that.

Should I worry whether space jumps will seem so commonplace I’ll need to select a new sport for the long-promised print version? Fractured Horizon had a first pass through the editor, and I’ve made all revisions. It’s quite different from the audio version now, especially since I’ve condensed Devon’s visions so we get more at once and do less ping-ponging between the past and future. If ping-pong isn’t an official term, can we all just agree to make it one? Thanks.

I’d also like to take credit for the popularity of tattoos (Episode 9) and the ombre hair color movement (Episode All-of-Them), especially the pop stars with brightly colored ends. But I won’t. Because I’m modest. Or possibly because none of these people have heard of my book and their colors aren’t related in any way to my character Kay’s hair. But mostly: modesty.

Now I’m off to sell all the short stories I’ve written with near future technology. Because the future is here. Especially 3D printers. Have you seen those? Flexible screens are only a moment away. Same with tricorders. For that, I blame the X-Prize folks.

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