Baycon 2013 Plans and Panels

I’m packed and fly out early for this year’s Baycon 2013 Science-Fiction convention. It’s my third year attending, and second as a panelist.

The year’s theme is Triskaidekaphobicon, and there’s an emphasis on a new horror track that I’ll be assisting with this year.

I’ll also be bringing my family, so I’ve volunteered to help with some of the kids events, though I imagine my kids will spend part of their time across the street at Great America.

The tentative schedule has me very busy, though times may shift when I get there and see the final schedule. Here’s where I think I need to be–so say hello if you see me!

Assist with the table
Meet the Guest (assist with the prep)
HorrorAddicts Tea on the Party Floor

Family Friendly Spooky Cartoons and Cereal
Writing Workshop Pro (private session)
Character Slam Book [I may be double booked here with the writing workshop, in which case Emerian Rich will run the show on her own.]
Trick or Treat Carnival

Wicked Women Writers BOF
Podcast Live! Recording of Poe’s The Raven
LIVE Podcast/Skype Interview
Self-Publishing Tips & Traps
Reading from Horrible Disasters
Horror Addicts BOF

I can also be found occasionally manning the table and even delivering a TerrorGram if necessary.

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