Post-Summer Recap 2013

My fantastic summer kept me from blogging, but hopefully everyone else was equally awesome and busy and didn’t notice. You didn’t did you?

The fourth annual Wicked Woman Writers contest is currently underway. As a past winner and long-time evaluator (like Simon Cowell but nicer) I’m always thrilled to listen to the stories created by clever female horror writers based off the current challenge. This year, each story is only ten minutes long. There are thirteen tales of terror. Check it out at You may recognize my voice after each of the even numbered stories, as well as in the promo as one of three ghastly Norns. NornsĀ of gods and men, comparable to the Fates in Greek mythology.

The Masters of the Macabre contest is also sponsored by for the guy writers.

I recently sold a short piece of near-future speculative fiction to Nature, the weekly journal of science. Naturally, I’ll let you know when that is scheduled, as well as the confirmed date for Blood Type. Unfortunately, the story I sold to Insatiable may never appear, since they have become unresponsive. I’ll keep trying a bit longer, but may have to start submitting the piece elsewhere.

I’m gearing up for great things this year, including some collaborations.

I love hearing from you. Contact me with your thoughts and ideas. Thanks!

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