Next Great Horror Writer Judge and Co-host

cropped-nghwblogMuch to my own surprise, I’ve been appearing on the podcast as a judge of the ongoing Next Great Horror Writer contest. This season on fourteen up and coming horror writers are competing for a book deal and various other prizes.

In a reality contest worthy of Mark Burnett, the contestants are producing a variety of entries, including short stories, horror product advertisement spoofs, blogs, and even poetry. The challenge is different each time.

I was asked to be a one-time judge and mentor. Who can say not to being┬átheir Tim Gunn? However, I must be doing an okay job, because I get to be the special guest host while Dan Shaurette deals with more pressing and unexpected things (the rumor is that it’s werewolves in the arctic, but I’m not sure.)

I’m not sure how many more podcasts will involve me directly, but I’m very engaged with the amazing competition. We’re already four challenges into the season. Take a listen and see how you think might become the Next Great Horror Writer.


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