H.E. Roulo Blog Tour for Plague Master: Rebel Infection

Have you been enjoying the release of Plague Master? If you missed anything that interests you, here’s a recap of the 30-day blog tour I’m on to celebrate the release of book 2, Plague Master: Rebel Infection.

I’d like to thank everyone who hosted me on their blogs and my publisher, HorrorAddicts.net for putting this together. Also, the hard work of fellow-author Naching T. Kassa for her coordination, organization, and patience with my dislike of live events and promotion.

See the videos, read the excerpts and posts,  join our celebrations, and sample the wonders of the Plague Master Universe. The last live event is a Facebook Party on September 21st, 2019.

AUGUST #Plague Master: Rebel Infection Blog Tour and Events
25 #Plague Master: Rebel Infection Press Release / horroraddicts.net
26 #Plague Master: Rebel Infection BLOG TOUR Begins / horroraddicts.net
28 Recap of #Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome / https://www.hauntjaunts.net/blog/
29 YouTube Book Trailer Miniseries Part 1 / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjwWhMpEXWIluDOlUVWhFSQ/
30 #Plague Master: Rebel Infection Chapter 3 Excerpt / https://brianpatrickmckinley.wordpress.com/
31 #Plague Master: Rebel Infection Press Release / http://www.emzbox.wordpress.com
1 World Building in the #Plague Master Universe / http://www.tgmreynolds.com/
2 #Plague Master: Rebel Infection Chapter 5 Excerpt/ stephanieellis.org
3 #Plague Master: Trevor’s Got Trouble at Home / www.SumikoSaulson.com
4 YouTube Book Trailer Miniseries Part 2/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjwWhMpEXWIluDOlUVWhFSQ/
5 28 DAYS LATER TWITTER WATCH PARTY / https://twitter.com/hroulo
6 Chilling Chat: Episode #173 | H.E. Roulo / horroraddicts.net
7 HorrorAddict’s.net Episode 173,  H.E. Roulo / horroraddicts.net
7 #Plague Master Series Timeline – What’s Up with the Zombies? / https://www.cverstraete.com/
8 Some Stories Just Won’t Die: A Zombie Book’s History of Survival  / https://www.rlmerrillauthor.com/rocknromanceblog
9 Meet the Characters of Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome / https://nicolegivenskurtz.com/category/pulp-reports/
10 #Plague Master BLOG TOUR Announcement / https://richandroulo.wordpress.com/
11 #Plague Master: Rebel Infection Chapter 7 Excerpt / https://chantellyb.wordpress.com/
12 YouTube Book Trailer Miniseries Part 3 / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjwWhMpEXWIluDOlUVWhFSQ/
13 #Plague Master: Rebel Infection Chapter 12 Excerpt / https://elliotthorpe.wordpress.com/
14 Zombies in Space / https://davemstrom.wordpress.com/
15 Meet the Characters of Plague Master: Rebel Infection / http://selahjanel.wordpress.com/
16 5 Questions with Loren Rhoads / lorenrhoads.com/blog
17 Hitting the Action in the Plague Master Series / https://samaireprovost.com/blog/
18 Finding Romance in a Zombie Apocalypse / mmgenet.com
19 #Plague Master: Rebel Infection Chapter 14 Excerpt / horroraddicts.net
20 A SIMS Character’s Take on Characters from the Plague Master Series / https://frightenme.weebly.com/frighten-me-blog
21 FACEBOOK TAKEOVER PARTY / https://www.facebook.com/events/377070086259488/

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