Superhero Fiction from H.E. Roulo

Who wants to read a witty superhero tale with humor and romance? You’ll love Evil for Good.

When I first started publishing my fiction, back in the distant days of 2008, I began on the site. There, I could release an episode of podcast fiction per week. Keep in mind, I still had to explain to most people what a podcast was, but I loved the ability to interact with readers, see their responses to the week’s episode, and to get instantaneous feedback as the story progressed. The novel that came out of it, Fractured Horizon, was a Parsec award Finalist.

Returning to my roots, I have decided to dip my toe into the waters of a new platform for releasing serial fiction. Vella allows readers to access the first three episodes for free, and uses a point system for later episodes.

If you’ve ever wanted to try out one of my stories, here’s a chance to read the first three chapters of Evil for Good for free through the online Kindle Vella service. If you like it, new episodes come out weekly on Tuesdays.


Yes, Trista used her newfound powers to kill her ex-boyfriend. It’s true, she joined a league of supervillains and helped demolish a floating city. Still, shouldn’t she be given the benefit of the doubt? Does one evil act mean you’re evil forever?

As it becomes clear her powers are the key to the league’s most daring plan, she struggles over whether her loyalty lies with them or her conscience.
Maybe betrayal is the most evil plan of all.

The first four episodes are out with more each week.

I’ll let you know how the experiment goes and give tips and tricks for Vella in the future.

So remember to #chooseevil, and let me know what you think!


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