Podioracket.com Takes Off!

Rhonda R. Carpenter, author of The Mark of a Druid, and I are seeing exponential growth in our new project Podioracket.com. We have been fortunate that authors are clamouring to be interviewed and share their news and contests.

I thought that after the initial enthusiasm, and as our process matured, the pace would slow down. However, things may not go though the slow period that I have been anticipating since we are once again expanding our reach. Evo Terra has invited Podioracket.com to share podcast episodes on Podiobooks.com’s own Podiobooker RSS feed. This will put us right where we want to be, in front of the Podiobooks.com listeners. We couldn’t be more pleased.

We have also begun putting our episodes on Blog Talk Radio to see if we can find an untapped audience who might like listening to audiobooks, and just not know it yet.

Since the inception of Podioracket.com I have done a little fiction writing. The flash fiction piece in my previous post, an excellent horror sci-fi story that will come out later this year in Horror Addicts, and a fairytale/horror story that is terrible and will likely never be seen anywhere. Hey, they aren’t all masterpieces.

I hope this answers any questions you may have had. As always, write me to share your thoughts. I’m quite friendly.

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