2009 Parsec Finalist!

My novel Fractured Horizon is a 2009 Parsec Award Finalist for the Best Speculative Fiction Story (Novel) category. I’m up against the wonderful writers and podcasters Scott Sigler, Nathan Lowell, James Durham, and Chris Lester.

If you’d like to hear how pleased I am, I give a small indication in my Podioracket.com ongoing podcast: Download Podioracket Mini- EP02.

I spoke with Everyday Jones, the indie band that does my intro/outro music (Here I Am, On and On, and All You Said) and they have agreed that I may use their music for the downloadable audiobook version of Fractured Horizon that will be offered when Podiobooks 2.0 is ready. A big thank you to them!

Podioracket.com has been a thrilling success and the most enjoyable time-sponge that I could imagine. Rhonda R. Carpenter, author of The Mark of a Druid, is great to work with. It’s a small but significant step in my growth as an author because I’m putting myself out there every week, talking to inspiring writers and improving my podcasting skills. I’ve never said, ‘no’, to an interview.

In a rare reversal, Emerian Rich of Horror Addicts interviewed me for her August 2nd show. My short story, Undergrowth, will play. It’s a sci-fi horror piece, a little darker than listeners might be used to from me but I absolutely love it! Check it out. I’m really proud of this one. If you aren’t familiar with my writing it’s a quick and easy way to see what you think. And if you are a fan, then enjoy it – because I’m not so sure when I can get the sequel to Fractured Horizon out. I’m working on it!

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