Vote on Horror Short Stories

The Wicked Women Writer’s challenge at Horror Addicts is on. A huge episode of Horror Addicts is followed by four smaller episodes, one for each of the Wicked Women Writer’s short stories. Each story involves killing a husband and is horror oriented. Mine is the fourth story.

Listen to my story Graveyard Shift (and Re-shift) as well as the three other stories contributed by Rhonda Carpenter, Arlene Radasky, and Michele Roger. All the stories are at

Vote for the story or stories that you liked best by emailing the host, Emerian Rich at  Write ‘WWW’ in the subject line. Include 1) The name, number, or author of the story you want to vote for 2) Your name or handle 3) Your mailing address (Only used if you should win).

This will be a tight race. Your vote is very important, and one lucky voter will win the prize box. It contains autographed books, audio cds, t-shirts, key chains, and other book-themed paraphernalia.

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