Art for Fractured Horizon

Fractured Horizon inspired artwork by Devlin Donnelly

Devlin Donnelly, the talented graphic artist who created the original cover for Fractured Horizon and laid the foundation for the logos, has created a new piece of artwork. Though he claims it’s just a quick, fun piece, I think something this lovely must have taken time.

Original Cover Art by Devlin Donnelly

3 thoughts on “Art for Fractured Horizon

  1. That’s a very good question. I finished editing Fractured Horizon down to 120,000 words in January and provided it back to the editor.
    Now that I know the (mostly) final look for Fractured Horizon, I can proceed with finishing the sequel.
    I can’t give you a firm answer on the timeline. But I’m glad you’re asking the question. A sequel WILL come.


  2. Heather, I just finished reading/listening to Fractured Horizon. I have to give you MAJOR KUDOS!!!

    I’m usually disappointed by Sci-Fi novels written by women…not sure why, mostly I just feel they’re not technical enough & perhaps a bit too ‘mushy.’ But NOT YOU.

    I love, Love, LOVED this book!!! I AM very excited to see you are considering a sequel. I will be EAGERLY monitoring your sight watching for it!

    Thanks for sharing Your Talent,
    Robin 🙂

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