Presenting ‘The Killer with Eyes of Ice’ Audio Drama Cast!

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for parts in the sci-fi/horror audio drama I wrote, ‘The Killer with Eyes of Ice’. Necropolis Studio Productions announced the 13 member cast list.

Congratulations to those who were cast. Your work is just beginning!

The Cast

Rhayne Archer as Samantha
Monte Bratten as Howard
Tanja Milojevic as Elena
Chris Adler as Cob
Edison Pongklub as Delta
Alex White as Julius
Tim Rowe as Mengus
Miranda Gauvin as the Benz Mechanical Voice
Stephanie Frizzell as Voice 1
David Frizzell III as Voice 2
Dave Frizzell as Voice 3
Tanja Milojevic as Voice 4
Edison Pongklub as the Narrator

Check out my previous post on ‘The Killer with the Eyes of Ice’ for more information and a blurb describing the audio drama.

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