Short Story Great Asp & Little Death Available

Horror Addicts Ep 44

Horror Addicts Ep 44

Episode 44 of Horror Addicts is out and my short story, Great Asp and Little Death, is available as audio.

My story begins about 45 minutes into the program.

In Great Asp and Little Death, Death stalks a woman-warrior of near mythic proportion fresh from battle and dealing with her husband’s death and her own imminent demise. Will she achieve hero status and be made immortal? Or will the wounds to her heart and body give her over to Death first?

I completed an interview for Horror Addicts about myself and the story I like this quote from the article, “I always want to be growing and trying new things. I had already given Horror Addicts a sci-fi piece and a contemporary piece. I’d used sound effects. So for the new story I chose a historical fantasy setting and, for the first time, added another voice and a musical score.”

In other news, I sold a story to Flagship magazine. Watch for more information when it releases!

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