Baycon 2012 Follow-up

After creating my mega-sized blog post about Baycon, you might not think there’s anything left to say. I even sent my mother to the post when she asked how my trip went. However, in the days since the convention I’ve realized a few more things need to be added.

The Wickeds seems to be selling well. Baycon was my first chance to hold a print copy. I know the editor worked very hard on all the stories and to format the book for print. Somehow, my story lost italics. Since it started out as the content winning entry in a podcast, italics should indicate sound effects and character thoughts. If you are buying the book for my story, it may make sense to wait for the eBook version.

There are also a couple other blogs posts about Baycon worth visiting. I must mention the blog of Philip E. Carroll, because I feel such gratitude for his kind words. In part, he says about me, “I found out that she was not only a brilliantly clever writer, she is wonderfully human, approachable and interesting.” Anyone who reads this has my permission to plaster that all over the internet. I think it shows Philip’s generosity of spirit.

I spent much of Baycon in the company of Emerian Rich, who first convinced me to attend Baycon. Her extensive blog, written around the tweets she made during the course of the long weekend, is entertaining and thorough.

If you decide to purchase a copy of The Wickeds, despite my warning about the formatting for my story, then I suggest you let me know. I’d gladly send you a book plate autograph.

If you aren’t familiar with my work, check out the free serialized audio podcast of my post-apocalyptic novel Fractured Horizon on or iTunes.

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