H. E. Roulo – Rustycon 2015 Schedule

I’ve received an early schedule of the panels I’ll be on for Rustycon 2015, which is a science-fiction convention located near Seattle on January 16-18. The guest of honor is Timothy Zahn. I’m posting my schedule so that you can make sure to say hello.

A few quick news items first:

I wrote a fun blog post for HorrorAddicts.net, and it’s now on their website. If you have a second, check out New Year’s Resolutions are for Everyone, Even the Undead.

I have some upcoming live reading events. I’ll make a bigger post, but wanted to give blog subscribers early word.

On February 22, from 1-4 PM, Cascade Writers and King County Library Systems are sponsoring an event at the Fairwood Library! Ken ScholesLaura Anne Gilman, and I will read and take Q & A. If you’re in the Renton, WA area, I hope you’ll drop by.

I am also reading Saturday, April 18th from 2-4 PM at the Lakewood Library (south of Tacoma). Speakers are Alaina EwingMark Henry, and me. Also sponsored by KCLS and the Cascade Writers.

The Rustycon Schedule January 16-18 (tentative and still subject to change)

Fri Jan 16 6:00:pm Fri Jan 16 7:00:pm Plotting and Planning
Orcas B Outlining, snowflakes, the Hero’s Journey and the three-act structure offer a framework for laying out the story to come. If you understand where the story is going, and when events have to happen, you can focus your energy on improving events and characters. So what’s the best way to plan? And what about when all that planning goes awry?
H.E. Roulo Janine A. Southard Timothy Zahn Will McDermott
Fri Jan 16 7:30:pm Fri Jan 16 8:00:pm Heather Roulo Reading & Discussion
Mercer B
H.E. Roulo
Sat Jan 17 11:00:am Sat Jan 17 12:00:pm Zombies- They Ain’t Dead Yet
Emerald D Some say that Zombies are past their prime. However, since 1932, with the release of “White Zombie”, the mindless undead have been a thing of nightmares. They have become so popular even the CDC has a section entitled “How to survive a Zombie attack”… What is the secret? What makes zombies so frightning? Why are they not going anywhere (slowly, shufflingly)?
H.E. Roulo John Lovett Julie Hoverson Shoshana Glick
Sat Jan 17 12:00:pm Sat Jan 17 1:00:pm Make your own Podcast
Emerald F It’s really not that hard. All you need are some simple tools and a relatively clear speaking voice.
H.E. Roulo John Lovett Julie Hoverson
Sat Jan 17 5:00:pm Sat Jan 17 6:00:pm YA and New Adult
Orcas B YA continues to gain in popularity as adults and teens are impressed by the quality fiction in this genre. We’ll discuss what makes a story YA, tips for what to include and avoid. Is this market worth pursuing even if you don’t consider yourself a YA author? Has Hollywood gotten ridiculous in its search for the next YA series?
“Gibbitt” Rhys-Jones A. Maire Dinsmore H.E. Roulo Janine A. Southard
Sat Jan 17 6:00:pm Sat Jan 17 7:00:pm Joss Whedon and His Universes
Orcas B Buffy, Angel, Alien, Firefly, Marvel: These things have one man in common… Joss Whedon. Love him or hate him… Come talk about how he has shaped modern tv and movies.
Chris Nilsson H.E. Roulo Kalyn Nilsson Shoshana Glick
Sun Jan 18 3:00:pm Sun Jan 18 4:00:pm Story submission: how to format your story.
Orcas B How DO you format your submissions ? What is manuscript format and why is it so important. Where do you find submissions guidelines? From formatting to managing simultaneous and multiple subs, this panel will review submission definitions, tips, tricks, and reasons why proper formatting can get you noticed in the slush pile.
H.E. Roulo Jeremy Zimmerman John Lovett

I’ll also be a pro writer for a critique session.

Say hello to me if you attend the convention!

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