2014 Year in Review

When I was a consultant, metrics and tracking as went along with every project. Work must progress toward clearly set goals.

This is an appropriate time to look back on my last year and see the progress I’ve made.

Short Story Publications

I submitted 29 short stories, and was rejected 19 times. Some stories are still pending responses.

Sold four stories:

  • Besieged in InfectiveInk (free online, though format is a little difficult to read)
  • Making the Cut in Fantasy: Women Destroy Fantasy (available from Fantasy in issue #58)
  • Death Incarnate in¬†Siren’s Call (free online issue #14 May 2014)
  • Dead Pets will appear in The Horror Addicts Guide to Life in 2015.

Two more came out in anthologies:

And Emerian Rich and I released Rich & Roulo: Ruins, volume two of the experimental Rich & Roulo companion stories.


I sold the three-book Plague Masters series to Permuted Press. The first book, Zombie Dome, will be available around April 2015.

Completed edits on Zombie Dome, and wrote the first draft of the sequel Apocalypse Plague.

Awards and Appearances

Appeared as a panelist at Rustycon, enjoyed the Rainforest Writers Retreat, joined SFWA, and received Honorable Mention from Writers of the Future for “Roadkill.”

What’s coming in 2015?

I will make appearances at Rustycon, Norwescon, Baycon, and Worldcon. My first book, Zombie Dome, will be available for purchase midyear. There may be an audio drama produced by Necropolis Studio Productions, and Emerian Rich and I have plans for the next volume of Rich & Roulo. I am also hoping to have time to finish two urban fantasy novels. I’ll complete edits on Apocalypse Plague, and write the third installment of the Plague Masters series.

This year has been tremendous for me, and I’m planning on more of the same. Thank you to everyone who has supported my progress!

How was your year? What are your goals?

And on a less serious note, a blog post I wrote will be appearing on the horroraddicts.net blog with the “7 New Year’s Resolutions of a Zombie”. I’ll let you know when it’s out!

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