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H.E. Roulo’s Baycon 2015 Schedule

Come see me at Baycon 2015 Women of Wonder in Santa Clara, California on Friday, May 22. I’m scheduled for three events.

1. Do Joss Whedon’s strong female characters live up to the challenge? on Friday at 3:00 PM in Ballroom A
(with Kevin Andrew Murphy, Ann Wilkes, Erica McGillivray, Seanan McGuire)

“So, why do you always write these strong women characters?” Joss: “Because you’re still asking me that question.”

2. Themed Reading: Humorous SF/F/H on Friday at 4:30 PM in Lafayette
(with Ann Wilkes, Sarah Kuhn, Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff)

On a darkened street, two genres walking in different directions bump into each other. “You got humor in my science fiction!” “No, you got science fiction in my humor!” Hear funny speculative fiction stories read by their writers.

3. Horror Addicts BoF and Book Release Party on Friday at 8:30 PM in Stevens Creek
(with Jason Malcolm Stewart, Emerian Rich (M))

Join the gang from Horror Addicts for a discussion of what’s new with them, and a book release celebration for the Horror Addicts Guide to Life.

And remember, the Goodreads Giveaway continues through May 27th. Enter to win one of three signed copies of Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome!

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