New Publishing Deal – Plague Master through Press

I’m pleased to announce that my sci-fi/zombie Plague Master series will be released through Press. A new edition of the first book, Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome is available on The content is completely unchanged, though the book is a more squat and fat than the old print version.

HorrorAddicts is excited about my books, and I loved working with them in the past on short story anthologies and podcast fiction. I have confidence they’ll be supportive of me as an author going forward. Working with the new publisher has given me a better deal with more options; it also reduced the price of the book for readers!

The only drawback in transitioning publishers is that Amazon no longer lists reviews the book had accumulated. I’m working with them to see they are recovered. Meanwhile, you can take my word that the reviews were excellent (I want them back!), and if you’ve read the book, please leave a review for others so they don’t have to take my word alone. will be releasing the remainder of the trilogy. The second book in the series, tentatively titled Plague Master: Twin Strains is complete and on its way to being published. The 80,000 word story still needs cover art and a good edit.

The third book is targeted for next year, but I have to finish writing it first. I’m approximately 12,000 words in to what will be a 70,000 or 80,000 word manuscript. It’s tentatively titled Plague Master: Apocalypse Plague.


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