H.E. Roulo End of Year Update

As we approach the end of 2018 and look toward the new year, I’m excited at my upcoming projects.

I continue to work for a small non-fiction magazine. Fortunately, the job still allows time for fiction writing as well.

My short story “Angels Don’t Fear Heights” has been selected to appear in the Kill Switch anthology next year. The anthology is described as near-future sci-fi horror, somewhat like the Black Mirror Netflix series.

In “Angels Don’t Fear Height,” Gabriella’s father dies but his wealth and technology allow him to run instances of himself, briefly possessing other people. Gabriella is determined that his angry control must not continue from beyond the grave.

Plague Master: Rebel Infection, the sequel to Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome, is scheduled to be released on February 2019. [Edit: Publisher moved the release date to September 2019]

Unbelievably, I will also be celebrating the ten year anniversary of the podcast of Parsec Award Finalist sci-fi novel Fractured Horizon. I have an updated version I’d like to see in print. It does not have a publisher at this time.


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