NSP Selects ‘The Killer With Eyes of Ice’

Necropolis Studio Productions
announced this week that my submission “The Killer with Eyes of Ice” has been selected for production. It with be the third audio drama short story in the Omega Road Chronicles.

I’m particularly excited to hear this story because it is new ground for me. Besides a wonderful story (I try to be modest, really I do), I’m counting on the excellent cast and skilled special effects editing that I’ve heard in previous works by Necropolis Studio Productions. I wouldn’t be able to produce this on my own.

Necropolis Studio Productions produces Call Me Jack and The Age of Zombies, a 2009 Parsec Finalist.

The Killer with Eyes of Ice is a sci-fi/horror piece that will be about 40 minutes long (probably). They have not yet announced auditions or an estimated air date but I’ll keep you informed.


Julius Benz, the universe’s greatest humanitarian, builds a dome on the poisonous planet of Regulus to house the undying shells left behind by mankind’s newest disease. When this savior makes an unscheduled stop at the dome, a reporter follows and secretly records the stunning consequences of illicit research– and his own murder. Driven by the video, Samantha seeks justice for her brother and hope for herself. Because she is already infected. Will she succeed before madness takes over?

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