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Sparklyjemz Corner: Hailey



Hi! This is Sparklyjemz, the teenage writer, and this is my third posting about the characters in Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome. I’ve been making SIMS characters that looks like and have traits like in the book. Don’t forget to check below the picture of her to see my favorite quote.

Hailey is one of my favorite characters. There aren’t many kids in the novel, so she really stands out.

I love how she is so ready for a revolution… I just hope she doesn’t end up like her dad, who makes clay pots for pennies because he talked about rising up against the Founders.


“You think too small” Hailey said. “It makes your life small.”



Traits: Even though kid sims are only supposed to have 1 trait, I think I should give her two. Cheerful, because she seems to have a bright attitude and is a welcome change from a theme of  “omg we’re all gonna die” that some characters have. I also choose hot-headed because she is so angry at the Founders.

“Once the zombies are under control, there will be more crackdowns, and then the people will rise against the Founders. Things will change!” – Hailey, Chapter 2.

Job: She goes to school. (or at least, used to.)

Clothes: The hat is something I would wear, (although a different color) her sweatshirt seems kinda cute and seems like just the thing for someone her age to wear. It also looks kinda dirty so it still fits the mood. Jeans because jeans are just… what people normally wear, I guess, and sandals because other shoes get dirty/outgrown quicker but sandals seem to fit longer and they don’t have enough money to buy new shoes.

Family: Her dad, her uncle (who she is living with) and her cousin Trevor.

The Interesting Stuff: Hailey is the only kid in the series who we actually meet. Sure, some of the characters talk about their daughters or sons, but we never meet any of them. Hailey is such a cute and hopeful kid, I hope things work out for her. I’ve had a look at the second book, and Hailey will definitely need some help… 🙁

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