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Sparklyjemz Corner: Trevor’s Father

Hi! This is Sparklyjemz, the teenage writer, and I’m posting about the characters in Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome. I’ve been making SIMS characters with my interpretations of the characters. don’t forget to cheack the bottom of his picture to see my favorite quote!


We don’t get to see much of Trevor’s dad, um… what was his name?  I had no idea what his name is! That’s how little we know about him!

As you can tell by the picture, he is very tired and weathered? Is that the word? Like he’s seen too much, and now he just wants to help the people he loves. Even if that means sending his son and niece to a utopia for the infected.

I don’t have a ton of information, but I’ll do my best!


“… be patriotic! Die! They’ll never complain as long as you aren’t thinking about all the problems the zombies aren’t causing.”

Trevor’s Father

Traits: Hot headed, because he blows up at Trevor when Trevor says he’s going to join the “army” (a piece of their conversation is in the quote) because he, too, is thinking about the revolution. I found that out in the draft of the second book I peeked at. Family-oriented because he cares about Trevor and Hailey, and loner because he doesn’t have any neighbors… his house sorta blew up…

Job: unknown (he probably doesn’t have a job.)

Clothes: A dirty cap because he can’t buy anything new, a vacation shirt because he has run out of clothes, and in a zombie apocalypse, all your good clothes like tee-shirts, coats and other potential apparel have already been worn and are in tatters by this time. He probably dug through what he had to see if he has anything clean-ish.

Family: Dead wife, Trevor, and his niece Hailey

The Interesting Stuff: Did you know his wife, Amberlina, worked for Julius Benz when she was alive? She also knew Mengus and… ARRG! sorry, there is some interesting stuff that I shouldn’t talk about for now.

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