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Sparklyjemz Corner: Andrew


Hi! This is Sparklyjemz, the teenage writer, and this is my third posting about the characters in Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome. I’ve been making SIMS characters that looks like and have traits like in the book. Don’t forget to look at the bottom of the character picture to see my favorite quote!

Andrew… When I read the book I couldn’t tell if I liked him or disliked him. He’s a player! He’s trouble! and if you don’t seem tough enough to him, he will be mean!

He has the makings to be a hero, but he isn’t (even though he thinks he is) because of his lack of a conscience. He’s a little too eager to kill the zombies and he’s cocky. What an ego!


“The brave ones get bit, not blooded.” -Andrew


Traits: Mean because he was rude to and elderly couple, Atheletic because he wants to fight back against the zombies, and self assured (confident) because of his enormous ego.

Job: He was a mechanic, and all that grease and hard work gave him a strong appearance.

Clothes: He has his ears pierced and a Mohawk that’s dyed red because he thinks he’s a bad boy. Wears a sweatshirt and denim vest because its just… what he would wear. Jeans because everyone wears jeans, and the boots because Trevor later steals the boots from Andrew. Why? you ask–just go read the book.

Family: unknown

The Interesting Stuff: What a cocky guy! He is so rude. I wouldn’t want to end up on a long ship ride with him… Poor Trevor!

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