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Sparklyjemz Corner: Samantha

Hi! This is Sparklyjemz, the teenage writer, and this is another post about the characters in Plague Master: Sanctuary Dome. I’ve been making SIMS characters that looks like and have traits like in the book. Dont forget to look at the bottom of the picture to see my favorite quote!

Poor Samantha… she is really gloomy. Its understandable though, considering she knows she could become a zombie at any moment. Not to mention her kids are living with her mother, and her husband is dead!

She swore she would protect her kids after he died, but she got infected and was sent to the dome… so she sends what little money she makes to her kids. Howard (her brother) helps with some of his money, but she really wants to see them… I guess you have to expect this kind of thing from a zombie book… 🙁


“Is my life worth less simply because I know how it will end?” -Samantha

Samantha Ott

Traits: Gloomy because she is really sad most of the time, perfectionist because she wants everything to be just right for her kids, and neat because everything she has needs to be tidy.

Job: She cracks bones to get the marrow out of zombies. Zombie marrow is vital in the research for a cure. I think she’s given up hope on the cure, and she doesent like her job, but she does it to help her kids.

Clothes: Black hair because Howard has black hair, a blue cardigan and white jeans becase they seem neat, but not flashy.

Family: Her brother Howard, her kids the twins, and her mother who takes care of the kids. (I’m kinda worried about her… it seems like every mother dies and Samantha’s a mom so…. *gasp* NOOOOOO!)

The Interesting Stuff: She’s testing a weird phone that’s inserted (like, surgiclay placed.) behind your ears. Ew! I would never get surgery to use my new phone. I wonder if there’s a weird bump behind her ear. That phone thingy is very important, so don’t forget it!

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