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Fantasy Flash Fiction: I Am Your Heartbeat on EGM

Hi Fans, Friends, and New Readers,

I hope you’re looking for something quick to read. Check out the long anticipated release of my mournful fantasy flash fiction “I Am Your Heartbeat” from Evil Girlfriend Media (EGM).

Evil Girlfriend Media will be moving away from publishing their EGM Shorts series. The editor, Jennifer Brozek explains in a blog post:

For our final month of EGM.Shorts, we have the semi-intentional theme of saying good-bye, of transitions, of partings. While I admit to some moving around of stories, this theme presented itself within the last set of stories I read for EGM.Shorts. I hope you enjoy our final flash fiction stories.

“>SYS REBOOT” by Holly Heisey
“A Dance to End Our Final Day” by Beth Cato
“I Am Your Heartbeat” by Heather Roulo
“Automatic Sky” by Stephen S. Power
“Suicide Bureau” by Eric Fritz
“The White Snake” by Laurie Tom
“The Tape Library” by Josh Roseman

I hope you enjoy this quick read. While you’re there, you should also check out Beth Cato’s apocalyptic story “A Dance to End Our Final Day“, which appeared on April 12, 2016. Beth and I briefly participated in an Oregon workshop together. Her stories are always excellent.

Let me know what you think of “I Am Your Heartbeat,” my tale of a magical pacemaker.

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